Services for you. We arrange Credit Facilities based on agreement (M.O.U)

Over-Flight / Landing Permits
Airport Protocol Services

Deportee Flights / Pilgrims

Computerized Flight Plans with live winds
Weather & NOTAMs Updates and Prior Warning Reports
Aircraft Refueling (JET A1) Arrangement
Freight Services
ATC Flight Plan Filing and Coordination
Crew Transport / Car Hire Services / Hotel Reservation
Cargo / Passenger Handling Services
Immigration and Customs Facilitation

Other Available Services

Airport Crew Lounge
VIP Lounge Arrangements
24/7 Dispatch In-House Flight Planning
Exclusive Crew And Passenger Transport
Obtaining Hotel Discounts
Negotiated Handling Fees

Flight Supports
Contact AviationSupport prepares the way for airline operators, flying ad-hoc or scheduled flights. The company supports airlines to set up flights and take care of all the background supports essential for each flight.

Our qualified dispatchers handle all operations on a 24-7 operational control centre with standard flight planning experience and know-how to speed you on your way.

We take care of Flight Plans, Over-Flight Clearances and Landing Permits, send NOTAM and Weather Reports, secure Traffic Rights, supervise Ground Operations, deliver Fuel and arrange Protocol Services (Crew Transport/Hotel Accommodation).


Traffic Rights Clearances

Understanding requirements of each country’s Civil Aviation Authority, our operations team is able to meet the bureaucratic demands based on the type of flight the client plans to operate in individual country.

Part of our operational procedures is to understand the treaties between countries. With the proper personnel and right network, we are able to reach the clearance offices in the various relevant countries

Contact AviationSupport maintains close links with Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) to save operations time and eliminate delays on ground. We can arrange your Landing Permits quickly, eliminating the long hour delay to your operations on the ground.


Ground Handling Supervision

We arrange full ground handling services and crew/pax assistance using our contracted rates at a reasonable cost and credit facilities. Our representatives meet the crew on arrival.

Our Cargo Operations Support Include:
Quick turns for tech stops
Cargo on-loads and offloads
All Ground Operations including Fuel
Livestock Handling
Oversized Cargo
Diplomatic, Military and Relief Cargo.


JetA1 Fuel
In present day world politics and economy, fuel prices are continuously changing. Aviation fuel is one of the most unpredictable variables in flight operations. Having special contacts with fuel suppliers in the airports and major fuel providers, we can offer aviation fuel supplies on an into-plane basis or on credit basis.

Contact AviationSupport is committed to sharing client’s goal for best price. We achieve this by constantly monitoring market conditions, and negotiating with local fuel suppliers.

Our Fuelling department complies with the following in-house policies:

  • Ensuring Same Day Fuel Prices
  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Timely Fuel Coordination
  • Credit available to approved clients
  • Friendly Quality Services
  • Competitive prices

    Protocol Services

    Contact AviationSupport gives special VIP services for the passengers who travel by private jets. Our staff meet passengers and crew to assist with all formalities and services required.

    Hotel Accommodation:
    Our contacts mean we can promptly arrange quality accommodation in hotels of international standard. We have exclusive access to the best rates for crew and passengers. With our far-reaching contacts, we can source the best accommodation at the most competitive prices.

    Crew Transportation (Limousine Services):
    We ensure that transport is stationed before touchdown of aircraft, and that the clients get to their business meeting or hotel by limousine or according to the clients’ choice.


    Security Services

    Security and safety comes first in all our operations. We therefore equip our operations team with well articulated Security, Safety, and Health Procedures. The policies adequately posted in-house, make our people very conversant with flight support services. Thus, they take the utmost care in protecting guests and customers. One aspect of our safety and security measures is the policy of strict confidentiality.